No Leaky Buckets
Needed: Voting Security and Election Results Credibility
"If you cannot trust the way your votes are counted, nothing much else in politics matters!"
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The Problems
Real & Potential - as I See Them:

The Solutions
that I Know About:

  • Jurisdictions: Problems
    • Don't Have Good Elections Laws
    • Select Poor Methods and Equipment
    • Limited Staff
    • Don't Run Elections Well
    • Registered Voters Aren't Allowed to Vote
    • Fail to test Adequately
  • Jurisdictions: Solutions
    • Laws that Protect the Voters and the Votes
    • Requirement for v-v-p-b and recount
    • Quality Selection of Methods and Equipment
    • Increased Staffing
    • Training and Oversight of Staff
    • Testing of Equipment and Processes
  • Special Interest Groups: Problems
    • System Manufacturers - motive is Profit
    • Political Parties (esp those in power) - motive is Power
    • Individual Election Campaigns - motive is Winning
    • Citizen Watchdogs - limitation is Resources
  • Special Interest Groups: Solutions
    • System Manufacturers - motivate to quality and openness
    • Political Parties - maximize value of trust by new positions
    • Individual Election Campaigns - motivate to transparency and honesty
    • Citizen Watchdogs - Increase Resources - people and finances
  • Equipment: Problems
    • Breaks down or Doesn't Run Right
    • Votes Cast may not be Recorded Right
    • Votes Recorded may not be Tallied Right
  • Equipment: Solutions
    • Transparency in operating rules (Open-SoftWare)
    • Quality in equipment
    • Stability of Software (no last-minute patches)
    • Isolation of equipment (no live networking)
  • People/Voters: Problems
    • Eligible People Don't Register
    • Registered People Just Don't Vote
    • People Can't Vote Adequately (like interference, access)
  • People/Voters: Solutions
    • Registration Campaigns
    • GOTV Campaigns
    • Training and Support for Voters with Special Needs