The Whatcom County Auditor believes the citizens of Whatcom County will benefit from having a Citizens Elections Advisory Committee (CEAC) to review and provide recommendations and feedback regarding:
  • Current voting technology and voting equipment to be obtained by the Whatcom County Auditorís Office to comply with the Help America Vote Act of 2002, and other Federal and State Laws, and
  • Current and proposed elections systems, and areas where citizen input and education is useful.
The CEAC shall consist of 9 voting members. Members shall be Whatcom County registered voters, not currently serving in an elective office (PCOís exempted), and shall be from the following categories:
  1. One Democratic Party representative.
  2. One Republican Party representative.
  3. One Libertarian Party representative.
  4. One League of Women Voters representative.
  5. One Whatcom Fair Voting Group representative.
  6. One representative from the computer technology field.
  7. One representative from Whatcom Countyís smaller cities, towns, Municipal Taxing Districts, and rural communities.
  8. One representative from the City of Bellingham
  9. One representative of citizens with disabilities.
Representatives A-E will be chosen by their respective organizations and submitted to the Auditor. The Auditor will appoint the F. G. H. and I representatives.

The Auditor or designee will act as non-voting chair of the CEAC. The Committee Chair will establish meeting agendas, including item input from CEAC members. Staff support for the CEAC will be provided by the Whatcom County Auditorís Office. Meeting minutes, including attendance, will be kept and published within seven days after meetings with distribution to CEAC members.

The CEAC shall meet no less often than every two months, and may meet more often as needed:
  • to view and provide feedback regarding all demonstrations of proposed election systems, for which advance notice shall be given;
  • to contribute where communications between the Auditorís Office and the public can be beneficial;
  • as called by a quorum of the membership.

The CEAC shall, unless extended by the founding authority, end on Dec. 31, 2008, thereby providing for one complete four year election cycle process. Each memberís term of office shall be one year from date of appointment, with automatic yearly extensions, given the concurrence of the appointed member and/or organization represented. Any member missing more than two meetings per each yearís term without being pre-excused by the Committee Chair shall either be replaced or a replacement requested from the appropriate organization.