No Leaky Buckets
Needed: Voting Security and Election Results Credibility
"If you cannot trust the way your votes are counted, nothing much else in politics matters!"
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See for Yourself Demos!!

About MultiMember Districts with Ranked Voting

Fairness Calculations of Single-Member Districts vs Multi-Member Districts.
If your District elects one Senator, the votong results will get you either 100% representation by Party A or Party B!
But if your District elects more than one Senator, the votong results may get you representation by both Parties, in proportion to the voters.

Download and work with the Excel spreadsheet Demo:


About Logic & Accuracy Tests!
PowerPoint slide-show showing the key weakness of "Logic & Accuracy" Tests: (189Kb - Requires ability to open an MS Office PowerPoint file.)    l-and-a.ppt
l-and-a95.ppt for older Windows 95 systems.

Voting systems are required to satisfy the "L&A" test ("Logic and Accuracy"). Here is a live demonstration program you may download and review. It will show you "in the comfort of your own home", how easy it is for a program to circumvent and fool L&A:

Computer Code Demonstration Program How to throw an election using devious computer code and one willing voter. Requires ability to open an Excel spreadsheet.
   (right-click and save)   Fraud Demo Program (MS EXCEL 98 - 52kb)

along with a discussion file:
   (right-click and save)   Fraud Demo Explanation (MS WORD 98 - 26kb)

Open the excel file, cast some votes by entering "1"'s in proper light-blue "ballots". Keep looking at the "Accuracy" of the Totals and Winners on the second "tab". BUT, when you are "confident" (Ha!) in the "Accuracy" of the count, ask me for the secret key to blow that conclusion out of the water. The calculations of totals uses hidden ("trojan-horse") software "Logic", which in Washington State is NOT required to be verified!

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