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    Kill date: August 28, 2005
FOR: Community News Director, Politics Reporter

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Forum: "Double-Checking Voting Machines"


Election integrity is basic to democracy. Verifying accurate vote counting is key to voter trust in elections. New voting machines are being acquired across the country. Whatcom County will use optical scan ballots for the first time this fall.

A free public forum, "Double-Checking Voting Machines", will be held August 27th, 2005, from 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon at the Bellingham Public Library downstairs meeting room. (directions) Panelists with national, state and local experience will present various aspects of the issue, followed up with audience questions. Additional discussion available at 12:30 p.m. Snacks and beverages provided.

Shirley Forslof, Whatcom County Auditor
Tom Olsen, Retired Business Manager
Bev Harris, Executive Director, BlackBoxVoting.org
Tom Stanionis, Technology Director, Yolo County CA Elections
Toby Nixon, State Representative WA
Forum topics include:
The role of audits to ensure accountability;
why voting machine audits are necessary;
voting machine audit methods and procedures;
experience in another election jurisdiction;
Whatcom County perspective and plans for verifying performance of its new machines;
legislative issues.
Organized by Whatcom Fair Voting, a nonpartisan group dedicated to election integrity.

Co-Sponsoring organizations:
Whatcom Fair Voting
The League of Women Voters of Bellingham/Whatcom
Whatcom County Rainbow Coalition
Whatcom County Democrats
Whatcom County Libertarian Party
Whatcom County Republican Party
40th Legislative District Democrats
42nd Legislative District Democrats
Second Congressional District Progressive Caucus
Democracy for America
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