Hand Count Cost Estimator - Data Fields

This is a static "copy" of the real data page. --   Download the actual Excel spreadsheet here. --   (& discussion here).

A Calculation Tool Estimating Labor, Time and Costs For Hand-Counting Paper Ballots
These are only sample data values.
In the real tool, you enter your own....
  In the real tool, enter your numbers in the yellow cells in columns A & C to reflect your local election conditions - calcs & budget (not shown here) will update automatically
A B C D  
"Your" Town or County     County or Jurisdiction Name
  Basic Quantities  
936 voters     The number of registered voters in the County
67% %     Voter turnout est %
1 places     The number of polling places (there is usually 1 Central Count place)
0 % Abs'tee     The % of ballots cast Absentee (% at polling places auto-calc'd = 100%; to make 100%)
20 contests     The number of contests to be hand-counted
100 % of ballots     100% - Or, if only a sample will be hand-counted, the % of ballots that will be hand-counted.
6 O'Clock     time polls open on Election Day = HH:AM
20 O'Clock     time polls close on Election Day = HH:PM
23 O'Clock     time PollSite counting must finish on Election Day evening = HH:PM
8 hours/day     The number of work-hours per work-day
48 hours     The number of work-hours allowed for counting on and after election night at Central count
2 person-hours     Rate: The number of staff-hours needed at Central to pre-sort 1000 ballots, by Precinct and split.
6 seconds     Rate: The number of seconds needed to count each of NN contests on each ballot.
2.2 times     Rate-multiplier: The number of TIMES ballot sets will be hand-counted (can be fractional.)
  Staffing & Cost-rates  
2 persons     The number of counters per counting team
    $10.00 $/hour The hourly pay rate for counters, in dollars/hour
6 teams     One roving Supervisor can oversee how many Teams? (to figure how many Super's are needed.)
    $20.00 $/hour The hourly pay rate for Supervisors, in dollars/hour
0.1 hours     Recruiting & Training: Staff Hours to recruit and train a counting-person
    $0.00 $/hour The hourly pay rate for Recruiters/Trainers, in dollars/hour
0 hours/day     Time that Senior Election Official applies to this Hand-Counting operation
    $5,000 $/month Salary of Senior Election Official.
0 miles     Average Miles to be reimbursed for each Counter & Supervisor
    $0.00 $/mile Mileage cost reimbursement rate (if used)
    $0.00 $/meal Cost of a meal served to some teams (if used)
    $0.00 $/day Costs to videotape the counting activities at each site (polls and central). If not done, put zero.
    0 % General Administrative Overhead % as relevant to Hand-Counting activities.
  Space usage & Rentals  
6 feet     Width needed per person of working space for counting
1000 sq. ft     Size of "room" rented for the counting, in sq feet.
$0 $/room/day     Space rental for PollSite counting: $/day for a room of 1000 sq ft
$0 $/room/day     Space rental for Central counting: $/day for a room of 1000 sq ft
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