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"If you cannot trust the way your votes are counted, nothing much else in politics matters!"
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last update May 22, 2006
WA State Legislative Bills

Bills of greatest interest

Long list of relevant current bills as at Jan 8th
OpScan Audit Bill HB-2532-s - SUPPORT!
-- As Amended! Just like we wished!
Substitute offered to the House State Government Operations and Accountability Committee on February 1, 2006, to provide that
* the selection of precincts, races, and issues to be audited must be conducted at the close of voting on election day and
* must be conducted in public.
* In selecting races or issues to be audited, the county auditor must select from a combination of races or issues, and may not select only races or only issues.
* The county auditor must direct that ballots be identified and sorted by precinct to facilitate the audit process, and
* for any potential recounts, during the initial machine recount.
(description courtesy: "Washington Votes"
Bill did not pass
-- HB-2532 with needed amendments! to make the random selection process open and less subject to exploitation. A percentage of ballots - on election day - selected by lot in public, then hand counted in public. It different from the machine count, the hand-count is official (and other elements.)
-- HB-2532 as originally presented by Rep Nixon (Thanks, Toby!):

WA State Election Laws -
Proposed Changes (general)
2006 - Proposed Changes - Specific


Races and Issues - 2005 Election Results
Final Results, By Precinct | (.XLS, 84 KB)

April 18, 2005: Washington State passes law requiring paper ballots with DRE voting machines.
copy of text of law

last update January 19 2006

WA State Legislative Bills (Jan 2006)

Bills of greatest interest

WA State Elections "Rules" (Laws) (Sept 2005)

   Table of Contents (as DOC)

(We will insert comments and a review here asap.)

Whatcom County Council / Elections Office:

   Whatcom Voting Software RFP document (March '04)
   Whatcom Voting Software Proposal AB2004-203 (PDF 6.5 MB -- at County server)

Our General Resolution for Paper Ballots -- for all to use
Get a copy of our Resolution and adapt it for your state or other jurisdiction. Five WHEREAS's and eleven NOW THEREFORE'S.

Washington State

Washington State Legislative bills - 2004

Washington State Legislative bills - 2003 In early 2003, the Washington State Legislature considered a bill specifying what equipment and software that WA Counties may buy to collect, count and tally your votes:

Washington Legislative bill:
A bill (ESHB 1158) in the Senate of the Washington State 2003 Legislature, which passed the House on 13 Mar 03, intended to change voting machine certification law so as to not require a voter verified physical ballot recording the votes cast by individual voters. It says that "a record" is good enough.


A physical ballot is needed to create the paper-trail required for a trustworthy, independent audit of all elections.

There were hearings on ESHB 1158 by the Senate Government Operations Committee. We testified.
This link, ESHB 1158, commented, displays the language of the House bill, with comments and troublesome areas highlighted.

This link, 1158-wfv.txt, AS PROPOSED (plain-text), displays the language of the amendment we propose to the bill. Or, 1158-wfv.doc as a line-numbered WORD DOC,

(The companion bill in the State Senate (SSB5219) was not brought out of the Senate Rules Committee -- it evidently thus died.)
Bill 1158: amended text, and analysis

They say NO paper ballot -- We say we MUST have voting with a voter-verified paper ballot, to permit a paper-trail for auditing. The bill failed to pass - we succeeded at least on this piece.


(9-up per sheet.
DownLoad, Print, Cut)

US Federal:



Introduced FEB 17, 2005.

(source: The fulltext at the GPO starts with CR Page 1663 and runs 9 pages, in text-extractable PDF. NoLeakyBuckets has posted the set for easy downloading, and extracted and formatted the fulltext. Review is pending.)

TOPICS FOR VOTERS LIVING OVERSEAS (as of the end of 2003.)

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