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Old News

- April '09 - In Memoriam
We have lost John Gideon.

Very sad news (April 28, 2009) that our admired and beloved John Gideon passed away yesterday, of a sudden attack of bacterial meningitis.

John had researched and published, for five years, the "DVN" - Daily Voting News - keeping his readers informed on the bad and the good about election systems integrity. And with Ellen Thiesen, they maintained

Their byline - The Creekside Declaration - says it so very strongly and eloquently:
"Mission: To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory democracy."

The Story of John Gideon, on BradBlog

- March '09 -
Internet Voting Keeps showing up

Time and again, place after place, we keep seeing proposals and actual use of internet voting -- a very dangerous proposition for democracy!

New Page; Just on Internet Voting

- October '08 -
A summary paper, by Steven Wolff

One of the members of our WFV group, Steven Wolff, has assembled a discussion paper which addresses the four major segments of the voting system, and reviews the likelihood of integrity errors for each.

His paper (14 pages, PDF, 500KB) is available here:

Steven looks at the Election System in four sections/phases of the activity:
"...the categories of fraud which US voters and democracy face include:
  • Registration Fraud
  • Voter Fraud
  • Voter Suppression
  • Election Fraud...."
Steven is open to suggestions for improvements to the paper. You may communicate to him through this email address
Supplementing his paper, here is a chart of the voter turnout and percentage VBM, in Whatcom County:
(click on thumbnail chart for large image)

- August '08 -
More from Brasil

4. Case of the Developments in Alagoas State - The Inquisition Impedided - compared to the Ohio case of 2006/2008

Until August 2008, almost two years after it found the problems in the log files in Alagoas, the Brazilian Federal Electoral Administration has not permitted that an independent review was developed regarding the balloting system used in 2006.

It is interesting to the development of a comparison legal / administrative process occurred in this case of Alagoas with that occurred in the U.S. state of Ohio, also in 2006, to highlight the differences that resulted in a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the voting machines.

- March '08 -
Another dangerous program - just starting

Brazil again. Not only do they have DRE's without paper ballots or concurrent paper trails, now they have started a program which is reported to fingerprint every voter, and use the fingerprints live at the DRE polling-places to "identify the voters".

I have prepared a translation of the article by Engineer Amilcar Brunazo Filho, from Portuguese to English.
- January '08 -
Holt's New Bill
Here is the new Bill by Rep Rush Holt, of NJ, (in two versions from two sources).

Holt 2008. (PDF 91KB)
(Our thanks to colleague Steve Wolff for getting this copy)

Holt 5036 - our copy from GPO. (PDF 91KB)

Holt 5036 - at GPO. (PDF 83KB)

- timeless -
What Black Box Voting says about us:
Citizens band together to "kick butt".....

- February '08 -
A Dangerous Experiment - Ongoing Now!!
The Democratic Party's Dangerous Experiment is actively running right now - Voting on the Internet!

Can you imagine this? Well, more than just imagining - believe it -- it is real.

Here is the article about this next push for internet voting:
original: - at Vote Trust USA (
Related website:

And, with my knowledge of Brazil and their situation, I have also prepared a translation of this article into Portuguese.
- December '07 -
The Two-Votes Exploit
Why are we so insistent on hacopaba?

Protection against any and all computerized fraud is the sole reason. We hesitated to publish this exploit, at the risk of facilitating its use, but otherwise the public and elections offices might not know about it, thus not prepare defenses.

How one person can throw an election.... Read about it.

- November '07 -
The Costs of Hand Counting
The fundamental weakness of computerized voting and counting is the lack of transparency. What does the alternative and the double-checking method (HCPB) cost? Read about it.
Calculate it yourself
Download a calculator - XLS

- August '07 -
E-Voting in Brazil - The Risks to Democracy
link to paper
"....Brazil's introduction of e-voting [in 2002] offers a cautionary tale of supply-driven technological implication. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how the introduction of e-voting in Brazil is highly risky to democracy due to the lack of emphasis on security and the lack of a socially informed and socially driven approach to technological innovation...."
Rodrigues, Alexander & Batista
- October '07 -
Barcode Error
My own county got hit with somebody else's error last week. We'll get thru it OK, but it points up the fundamental weakness of computerized voting.
Why I worry! link to barcode case, on BBV
- October '07 -
Federal Bills by Holt & Feinstein!
These bills are still pending. (See details below.)

- May '07 -
Teresa Hommel Testimony!
Teresa tell the US Congress....
Original Version, at:
- July '07 -
Federal Bills by Holt & Feinstein!
These bills are still pending, while activists "discuss" the good and the bad of them, and the proponents do amendments. For several months, a heated debate has been running, in the trenches of the national voting integrity movement. And the text of the bills keeps changing (which can be good or bad)!
The latest (July 27) version of Holt HR 811 is here, at: There is still no solid agreement among the activists, and time is running out to be able to have good systems in place for the national elections of 2008!

One group of activists has decided to post a fascinating summary of the discussion.
Please visit Black Box Voting forums at:
6-28-07: Debate with a Chair (Part 1)...
and the successive segments of the pro's and con's.

July '07
New Bill S. 1487 by Feinstein & heavy-hitters
Yet another bill in the US Congress...
Text was posted at Thomas
S. 1487 - copy here
There was a Senate Heading on this bill on July 18th, 2007.
Febuary '07
NEW Rep Rush Holt Bill HR 811:
Analysis & Errors Found
Original bill in PDF at

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