No Leaky Buckets
Needed: Voting Security and Election Results Credibility
"If you cannot trust the way your votes are counted, nothing much else in politics matters!"
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Hand-Count Budget Calculator - NEW - Oct 2007

A method of estimating what it would cost to Hand Count paper ballots, at almost any jurisdiction.

You enter the numbers which describe your election, and the model calculates the likely cost of hand-counting ballots, including counting at traditional Poll-Sites, at a Central-Count facility or at both simultaneously.

Read more about the new Hand-Count Budget Calculator

Here is a webpage (static) showing the identification of the actual variables.

Download and try:
Hand-Count Budget Calculator ("blank") | (.XLS, 53 KB - Version # 8 of Nov 5th 11:PM)
Calculator (with some illustrative data entered - but you put your own)


An explanation in "lay-terms" of the circumstances around voting security -- and the preferred solutions. Systems for voting and vote-counting must be SARA.
as a document: (formats: RTF, 4 pages, 22KB -|- ms-word doc, 4 pages, 35KB). 

Vote-By-Mail? Pro's and Con's  by Whatcom Fair Voting, a citizen action group.

An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of casting ballots by mail, considering two situations: (a) individual choice to select a postal ballot, and (b) mandatory use of postal ballots by all voters (except the disabled, etc) within an entire jurisdiction. Oregon and some Washington counties already do this, and others including our own Whatcom County are considering adoption of VBM.
formats: PDF, 4 pages, 28KB -|- RTF, 4 pages, 24KB -|- ms-word doc, 4 pages, 35KB

BlackBoxVoting by Bev Harris

The definitive book on the problems of computer voting systems (DRE's) which do not have a voter-verified paper ballot to establish a reliable audit trail. For sale in paper at bookstores, and downloadable here for free in 14 chapters (like shareware) as PDF documents, along with a request to support the author.

Some Reference websites:

EVOTE at Stanford U

BlackBoxVoting - Bev Harris, Seattle

FEC fundamentals (if you can worm through the bureaucratese)

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