No Leaky Buckets
Needed: Voting Security and Election Results Credibility
"If you cannot trust the way your votes are counted, nothing much else in politics matters!"
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Recognize and fix all the leaks in our balloting and counting systems!

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All The Holes

An overview of the places where votes may leak out of their security-buckets -- and some notes on what might be needed to plug those holes. Never complete, of course -- suggest your additions:
NEW! The New York Times -- Editorial on citizen actions:
July 23rd -- Their series of Editorials - MakingVotesCount.


More or less formal documents put out by folks with whom I work or otherwise admire, on these topics and issues.

REVISED MythBreakers-2 - for Election Officials

  MythBreakers (, the source website)
  MythBreakers (copy here)


Live, working models or slide-shows of parts of the system, suitable for mixed audiences.


Parts and pieces collected from here and there, relating to the safe-voting issue.


Tracking the bills before several Legislative bodies - especially my own Washington State and the US Congress. We have been lobbying the WA Legislature for two years on voting law, especially relating to controlling the introduction and use of the DRE's and internet voting. We've had some success, stopping bad bills if not getting really good rules passed. by Marian Beddill, an independent citizen activist in Whatcom County, WA - last edited:  2005-03-11