Voting Security and Election Results Credibility is Required

"If you cannot trust the way your votes are counted, nothing much else in politics matters!"

Topics in the Washington State Legislature - 2004

Current principal bill - ESSB 6420

Draft Washington State legislation:
newest on top - oldest at bottom

Status of Bill ESSB 6420-s_e; "Enhancing integrity of voting systems"
Direct link to the Legislative website for this bill
scroll down to the number 6420.

   NEW substitute bill with OTHER amendments - "commented version" (WORD doc)
   Current bill with our amendments - "clean version" (WORD doc)
   Our amendments, shown alone (WORD doc)
   Current bill with our amendments strikeouts/inserts (WORD doc)
   Striker amendment of Feb 2nd- the current bill (PDF doc)
   Their (bad) draft Legislation (WORD doc)
   Our EARLY draft 2004 Legislation (WORD doc)

I demand a voter-verified paper (physical) ballot as the legal record of each voters' choices ("v-vpb"), and random recounts for spot-checks.
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