Voting Security and Election Results Credibility is Required

"If you cannot trust the way your votes are counted, nothing much else in politics matters!"

Topics in the Washington State Legislature - 2006

Draft Washington State legislation. There are three ways to see bills and their status:
The actual ORIGINAL language of the bill, at the Legis website.
   The activities on the bill ("Status"), at the Legis website.
      Our copy of the bill, perhaps with amendments proposed.
commentary pending on some
Original language Status Our proposed amendments
(if any)
HB 2532 Status HB 2532 - Amendments
HB 2477 - Making technical changes to election laws. Status HB 2477 - Amendments
HB 2478 - Clarifying laws on ballot measures. Status HB 2478 - Amendments
HB 2479 - Voting equipment (for disabled and removing prior use in another state needed)
SB 6242
Status HB 2479 - Amendments
HB 2696 Status HB 2696 - Amendments

To see all bills in their official milieu:

House: ( )

Senate: ( )

We demand a voter-verified paper (physical) ballot as the legal record of each voters' choices ("v-vpb"), and random recounts for spot-checks.
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